White House 2017

Rochelle performed at the White House in December, 2017

Please note that my studio will be closed  for the 2020-2021 School Year due to restrictions from the COVID-19 Pandemic. 


Rochelle D. Felsburg

PIANO, Homeschooling General Music,




Veteran's Day Recital 2018

 Feel free to browse this website for my policies, background, and goals for my students.     I live in the Fredericksburg, Virginia off of Route 1 and  Mine Road in the Troon of Lees Hill Subdivision.  I do have 6 cats so take note. They are outside most of the time.

 We were created to be music makers in all walks of life!  Music is also a craft that deserves diligence and practice.  With a little work, music can be a wonderful inspiration that will last your whole life long. 




 My philosophy :

I believe in a well-rounded music education.  This includes sight-reading, ear-training, and theory as well as the songs learned each week.  I emphasize note-reading and not playing by ear.  Although the ability to play by ear is a great help, it puts a cap on music potential if one cannot read the language of music. 

For younger music students I employ music flash cards as well as extra coloring sheets to reinforce music.  I also have a composer of the month club.  As one of my degrees is in composition, I strongly encourage students to write their own music!

I offer at least one recital opportunity a year.  Piano students may also opt to play for a judge in the National Federation of Piano Teachers organization. 

 When the toys of childhood are gone, the gift of MUSIC will live on!