Teacher Code of Ethics

I follow these guidelines in all my lessons.  I have also received a certificate in  recognizing  sexual abuse training through the Episcopal Church.  Certification is on file with my church, Church of the Messiah.


By adhering to a strict code of ethics we can ensure that everyone receives the best from our lessons.

The studio shall, at all times, conduct its relationships with STUDENTS and parents in a professional manner, shall treat each student with dignity and respect, without discrimination of any kind and shall be responsible for the harmonious upkeep of these relationships to the best of its abilities.

The studio shall, in all cases, respect the personal integrity and privacy of STUDENTS  and related data in all respects unless the law requires disclosure.

The studio shall clearly communicate the expectations of its STUDENTS  and shall seek understanding from all parties to the clarity of STUDENTS'  understanding before a relationship is established.

The studio shall encourage, promote, guide and develop the musical potential of each STUDENT.