I am a member of the National Guild of Piano Teachers.  I encourage many of my students to qualify for the National Fraternity of Student Musicians Membership (Piano Guild) each year.

Each year in the US and abroad, over 100,000 enthusiastic piano pupils will participate in the National Piano Playing Auditions which are held in over 880 music centers.  Established in 1929 by Dr. Irl Allison, the first auditions were held in Abilene, Texas.  The national headquarters is maintained in Austin, Texas.

The piano guild is open to students of all ages and technical levels.  The purpose of the auditions is to establish goals for the earliest beginner as well as the advanced student.  These goals attempt to give music study some definite direction and provide a measurement for progress.  As a result, a piano curriculum encompassing the best of piano literature and stressing American compositions has been standardized. Students do NOT compete against each other, but strive to meet their own personal goals.  Students are judged on individual merit in the areas of:

~accuracy, interpretation, style, technique

~phrasing, pedaling, dynamics, rhythm, tempo, tone

All auditions are private.  The music is decided upon by the student and teacher. In addition to memorized pieces, students must also play and pass certain technical levels.  These technical skills are called "IMMT"s.

There is a Hobbyist level for young students who cannot memorize their pieces.

Auditions last between 15-20 minutes.  A student may miss some school time, but it is excused much like a doctor's appointment.

Each year a student enters the auditions, he/she will receive the following rewards:

1. A Membership Certificate according to classification

2. A copy analysis chart and report card signed by the Guild examiner.

3. One year membership into the National Piano Guild


Piano Guild Levels and Classifications:

Pledge: 1 memorized piece

Local: 2-3 memorized pieces

District: 4-6 memorized pieces

State: 7-9 memorized pieces

National: 10 memorized pieces

Hobbyist: do not have to memorize their pieces

Duets/Trios: 1-3 pieces may be played

Piano Guild Fees:

Fees are $30.00 per student, up to the District level.  For State and National Level, fees are $35.00.

Guild Fees are non-refundable.


Each audition is tailored to the student's level and performance ability.  It is strongly recommended that a student perform in a recital before being in the auditions; this is up to the teacher's discretion.  Rochelle carefully selects the students that she recommends for the guild so it is a high honor to be allowed to play.  This is a wonderful club that can be placed on one's college application in the future.