Studio Policies:



I am located in the Lees Hill At Troon subdivision, off of Mine Road.  Parents may park in my driveway or on the street. Students do NOT use front door but walk around the LEFT side of the house, go into the gate and into the basement entrance.

I do have  cats in case you have severe allergies.  Parents/guests may wait in my family room during lessons.


Please do not go near the pool as I cannot supervise young children when I am teaching. Thank you.



$20.00 per 30-minute lesson.  All lessons are to be prepaid for the month by the first lesson of the month.  I do not give refunds for missed lessons.  I will try to issue a make-up whenever possible.   If I need to cancel the lesson, then you will either not be charged or you will be credited for the next month.  I have my closings posted on my calendar.  I must charge $30 for a returned check to cover my bank fees.  If you decide to discontinue lessons with me, I ask for 2 weeks' paid notice.

All my studio closings are listed on the schedule provided.  You are required to pay for your lesson slot if my studio is open. I am holding that time slot for you whether or not you use it.


You may fill in my online registration form on this website.  I will email you and answer any questions and find a lesson time.  I will send you another registration form for you and your child to sign acknowledging that you understand  my policies.  Then we can begin! 

Ages for Students:

PIANO:  I  suggest that the average student start in 2nd grade or higher.  At that age a child can read, count, read directions and sit for 30 minutes by themselves with me.  I may take a student younger than this, but I will have an evaluation lesson to see if they are ready to start.  I suggest "Piano Party" books for kindergarteners who start on piano. 

I do not give beginners an hour lesson nor will I give "every two weeks" lessons as they do not progress at a healthy rate without that weekly connection with  me.

VOICE:  The voice is a living instrument and follows a child's physical development.  I accept voice students in 4th grade or older.  If your child is younger than this, I will do an evaluation before accepting them.  I have my students do breathing work and exercises which young children often don't want to do; these students would do better to join a choir at church or local club to learn how to sign in a group.

Summer Lesson Policy: 

 I am closed in the summer months, generally from Mid-June through August. 

I still encourage my students to practice throughout the summer!


Please call and leave a message on my machine or email if you can't make your lesson.   I don't answer the phone during lessons, so please make sure you leave a message.  I do not credit or pro-rate for missed lessons.  Make-ups will be offered.

Make-up Lessons:

I gladly give make-up lessons at your convenience when you miss a lesson.   


Piano students MUST have an instrument to practice on at home.  This could be either an acoustic (upright or grand) piano, or a keyboard that has the following:  5 octaves of keys and touch-sensitive lifesize keys (these play loud and softly).  Intermediate students will need a pedal with their keyboard.  I have an information sheet that you can take to the store if you need further information.  If you have a keyboard, it MUST be on a proper stand and you must have a proper seat.  No practicing on beds or the floor!  (these can be purchased at Target)

Voice Students:

I STRONGLY recommend all voice students take at least one year of piano lessons, either with or before taking voice.  This will greatly add to their practice abilities.


Please make sure you practice IMMEDIATELY after your lesson.  Studies show that students who wait 24 hours after their lesson to practice lose 70% of what was learned.  If a student waits 48 hours to practice, that number jumps to 90%.  After 3 days, NOTHING is retained from the lesson.  Practice when the information is still fresh in your mind.


Piano/Saxophone:  5 days a week of practice.  

Beginners: 10-15 minutes a day.  (5 days a week) Often with a student I do not enforce "time"  for practicing, but "amount".  For example, I may have a student play a scale 2 times,  their song  3 times, and their exercise 4 times.  However long it takes to complete that is their practice time.  This helps younger students who do not understand the concept of time. Yet they feel good about completing clear, set goals.   Just saying "work on that" is too general for beginning students.

 Intermediate: 15-25 minutes a day.  The eventually goal will be 30 minutes a day.   5 days a week of practice is required.

Vocal practicing will be determined by the teacher and student.  The voice is a living instrument made of muscle and tissue, so practice will be determined by the needs of the voice being trained.  Do not force practice when you are sick with a sore throat or cold, or taking heavy allergy/sinus medicines.  If you cannot sing, we will do theory in your lessons.

Voice: I provide a weekly practice chart for the student to fill in.   Come to your lesson even if you have not practiced!  Skipping both lessons and practice times will lead to a slump.

I do give written work occasionally.  This does count as practice time.  Please do it in pencil.

Parents in lesson:

I allow parents to sit in on one lesson to get to know my style of teaching.  Occasionally I will call the parent into the lesson to hear what we are doing.  For the most part, I do not allow parents or visitors into the lessons as I must be able to bond with my student and develop trust.

Lesson sheets:

I fill out a lesson sheet for each lesson given.  Parents are encouraged to check this and initial the practice chart.  Always bring your lesson sheet to your next lesson.  Keep them in a notebook for reference.

Weather Closings:

  When there is inclement weather, I will close my studio.  I will call or email you as soon as possible to save you a trip to my house.  You will not be charged for lessons that I cancel due to weather.  A credit will be given.        If you feel the weather is too severe to come to your lesson, but I have not closed my studio, we will schedule a make-up lesson.   

Music Purchases:

I will purchase music for each student to save you time at the music store.  I will email you and provide you an invoice.  Please reimburse me at your next lesson or with your next tuition payment.  I can also steer you to websites to order certain pieces that are not found at the music store.


Lesson Resources and Textbooks:


VOICE STUDENTS:  I suggest these resources:

  • Master Theory  by Charles Peters and Paul Yoder
  • The CD set The Ultimate Training for Voice  by Billy Purnell     
  • I will provide a warm-up CD for the student to use at home                                        

PIANO STUDENTS:  I evaluate the student and determine which piano method to use.  Each student learns at a different rate, and different method books cater to these learning styles.  I do not use one method book for all students.  I generally choose between Bastien, Faber, Thompson, Alfreds, Piano Party, Piano Town, Music and Me, and Schaum for my students.  If a student is already using a method book, we will generally stay with that one.

SAXOPHONE STUDENTS: Essential Elements For Saxophone 


I offer at least one recital opportunity a year.  I do have a recital fee.  Piano students may opt to perform for a judge in the National College of Musicians in the spring.  There are fees for this.  I offer vocal students one studio opportunity.  This costs extra as well.  Students may also win trophies for progressing in technical skills (scales, arpeggios, cadence chords).

Schedule for 2014:  See "Calendar"