This studio offers at least two performing opportunities a year.   Awards are given after the performances.  All students receive a certificate of participation for the recital.  Students are encouraged to participate as much as possible. Most recitals are formal, but we have had many themed recitals including:

  • Costumed Recitals (students dress up like their songs!)
  • Art Recitals (Students make a poster to depict their music during their performance)
  • Senior Spotlights  (A formal event for Seniors to perform music highlighting their high school training)
  • Hymn Sing-Alongs (Students learn hymn arrangements to perform)
  • Patriotic (Students dressed in Red/White/Blue)
  • Veterans Day, Flag Day, St.Patrick's Day


Recitals are not required but are highly suggested as they provide many benefits such as:

1. Setting and achieving goals

2. Playing in front of an audience to promote artistry and self-esteem

3. Opportunity to see fellow pianists at different stages of performing

4. Challenging one's private work with a public performance

5. The only known way to work out "the gitters" of nervousness! The more you perform, the more comfortable you get on the stage

6. A chance to play in a large auditorium setting.


I do not require memorization of pieces for a recital, although many students do play their songs from memory.  Recitals are formal, requiring proper attire and behavior on stage.


Sometimes a recital fee is required to participate.  This is non-refundable.