Studio History:


In 2008 I traveled to Paris, France and visited the grave of Frederick Chopin.  It is interesting to see that he is in a long line of YOUR music instructors!  See the thread below.


 Rochelle Felsburg (1970 - ?)

Studied under

David Smart (Chicago, 1930-?)

He is in the center.

Studied under

Leo Sowersby (Chicago, 1895-1968)

Sowersby was a famous American organist/composer who won a Pulitzer Prize for his "Canticle of the Sun" cantata.

Studied under

Percy Granger (1882-1961)

Granger was an Australian-born composer, pianist and champion of the saxophone and the concert band who worked under the stage name of Percy Aldridge Grainger.

Studied under

Edward Grieg (1843-1907)

Grieg was Norway's most famous composer.  He wrote such pieces as "Morning Mood" and "Hall of the Mountain King".

Studied under

Ernst Ferdinand Wenzel (1808-1880)

Wenzel taught at the Leipzig Conservatory in Germany.

Studied with/composed with

Frederick Chopin (1810-1849)

Chopin was part Polish and part French.  He wrote a great deal of piano music and is famous for his Etudes and Nocturnes.  He greatly brought Polish music to the forefront during a time when Nationalism was important to countries.  His body is buried in Paris, but his heart was buried in Warsaw, Poland.  He always carried a bag of Polish dirt with him to remind him of his homeland. Chopin was a great piano teacher and wrote "Etudes" to help his students on the piano.  He only wrote music for the piano which made him quite unusual.  Despite his great health issues, he was a fantastic performer on the pianoforte.