Comments from Students and Parents:


"May God bless you as you encourage your students in music!" 

"Thank you for teaching me how to play the piano!" 

"You are the best piano teacher I ever had."

"Thank you for taking extra time with my child when she was sick.  I appreciate your patience with our family!"

"Thanks for working with us.  Your preparation helped our daughter win the talent show!"

"Thanks for taking such an interest in the girls."

"You are awesome!"

"I have to from the bottom of my heart thank you for everything! You've been a God send to us for Cameron. You have given her the passion and love of music that is so often overlooked. She thinks the world of you and we can't thank you enough!!"

"That was the "funnest" recital I've ever seen.  The "Recital Song" was hilarious!"

"I really needed encouragement in my lesson this week.  Thanks for that."

"What a great recital!  You keep the students relaxed and make it fun".