kate@katepublishing.com  good website with music terms, games, and a song-writing contest

www.vocalcoach.com      A very good site for singers!

www.jwpepper.com   Order music of all kinds from here.

www.happynote.com   Great site with free downloadable MUSIC games.

www.voicetraining.com   Good vocal coach and resources I suggest my vocal students purchase.

www.pianoatpepper.com   All kinds of piano music.

www.musictheory.net   Great site for all kinds of notes, rhythms, and composition

www.foundationsofmusic.com   Information on Kindermusik classes (for ages birth through 7)

www.karaoke.com  great CD accompaniment tracks for thousands of songs

www.sheetmusicplus.com for vocal, piano and instrumental music

www.childrensmusicworkshops.com  for sheet music, music articles and lots of interesting stuff

www.karaoke.com  for CD tracks of all kinds.  They ship quickly, in 2-3 days.

www.makingmusicfun.net  this has FREE music to print out, arcade games, and composer information!

http://www.you-can-play-piano.com/piano-methods.html  Explains different piano method books and has a free music newsletter that you can sign up for.